Spiritual Warfare is about finding your Purpose in Life, and draw closer to God. I base the company from my own personal experiences through life, as well as through the bible. I know that my purpose in life is to help millions find their Purpose. God wants to use me to show his Power, Love and Grace. Our God is far from dead, and very much every where. He makes all things happen, rather it be good or bad. He determines our destiny.

For every season in our life is a reason. Our job is to get rid of the baggage, give it all to God. Fear him in all occasions, and be grateful for all he does in your life. For there is a plan for it. The bible will guide your life. In every single book there is value. Everything in the bible has already happened, and is happening now. All of the people in there, are real people with real lives. When studying the word, after a while it starts to all sink in.

I know it seems hard to believe in something that you cannot see. I will tell you, it is well worth it. God made every one the way they are now and was before to see what people would do. He does not want fighting, and divisions of the churches. He wants to coach you in to having a amazing life, that he planned for all of us. He did not give anyone any special gifts. We are the same. It is how we chose to see God and his word that makes us who we are.

I believe that everyone should go through the 12 steps and have a spiritual awakening. It is amazing, and will leave you filled with so much joy. You do not have to be an alcoholic, or addict to do them. No one is perfect, and have a flaw of some sort. Honestly, there are a lot of judge mental people in this world. The world would be a much peaceful place, if we all just got a long. Live for God, share is word and the greatness he has done in your life. Build a relationship with him, become aware of his presence and voice. He is very humorous.

Put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness , longsuffering, bearing with one another. Colossains 3:12-17

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