I have been homeless for the last 15 days. I have been more happy about myself and my thinking than I have in a long time. You realize one, your not the only one on this earth. and the things that we take for granted are now really appriceated. It is the little things that count.

The first week was a little crazy learning everything about the shelters, bus rides, and when to be back at the shelter so you can have a bed. I also had to learn the people in the shelter. It is quit the mix of people. I always say hi to everyone, asked them questions like “How was your day”, How are you?, Good Morning, Have a great day ETC…. Some looked at me like I was crazy, some looked at me as if I wanted something from them, and some smiled and asked back.

It really shocked me as speaking with these people that many of them have not ever been asked the questions and or maybe not at all. It made me sad. I keep doing it even to the ones that I know do not like me, and want nothing to do with me. I know in my heart they will come around, many already have.

The 2nd week many of them started asking other people, and asking me the same questions. I love seeing the results of what is being done. It is healing my heart in a lot of ways, and helping me grow in my purpose.

One issue that I am still working on with in myself and questions I have for God, and my inner spirit is why does almost everyone talk to themselves. I have been really watching. I wonder who they are talking to. I know that when my spirit starting showing herself (Gipsy) to me, I would talk to myself all day long. The book I am reading is explaining to me about my inner spirit, and how to use it.

Many of these people I can tell they are talking to themselves, God shows me. He tells me these are the people you need to speak to eventually. He has also showed me the ones I should come close to and get to know them, for they are people he sent to protect me while out here. It is amazing and I love Jesus sooooo much.  Some of these people are talking to their Spouses that have died, some are talking to their children, others ex- boyfriends, and or girlfriends, some I am not sure. I have to keep listening. I have so many evil forces coming at me. I can feel them. When I feel them I feel the angels fighting back. I start shaking,, because they are protecting me.

I do think that some of these people can be helped. So many of them need help, and better living, and treated better. The homeless is treated like crap. It is really bad. I want to change it. Almost all of them are on medication from doctors because diagnosed with PTSD, ADHA, Depression, and gave them medication and sent them out. I do not agree with this. It is all about the money these shelters get from each homeless person using services. It is out of control, and totally unfair to the homeless who are treated like crap. Makes me really sad.

Everyone gave up on these people who have been traumatized and sent them to be homeless, basically told them they would never have anything different. Almost everyone that I have spoken to have shared their story with me almost immediately. I can relate to them. I love Jesus and all he has done for me, and putting me in a position to help these people.

Thank you Lord for all you do for me and everyone around us, thank you for giving a safe place to stay and food to eat. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Melissa Giles

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