Message from God

There comes a season in life when one really has to take a step back and look at their life. First, build a relationship with God, and he will never fail you. His relationship, and building a foundation based off of his word is really what it is all about.

There comes a time when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  What is more important? What does it take to grow up? I have been asking this question to myself. I see myself making the same mistake over and over again. I have ruined my reputation, nearly everyday. I have disobeyed God over and over and over. I know he He told me he made me righteous because of my faith. That will never be destroyed and will always be protected.

There comes a time in ones life, when CHANGE is the only way out. Walking out of a situation to become homeless, no money, no food, ETC….. I am so very glad I finally did it. There is a saying, A women is like a rubber band. You can stretch her a long way, but once she’s done she’s done.  It is the best decision I have made.

The message my God sent me when I got to where I am now.

Fear not: you will no longer live in shame. Don’t be afraid; there is no more disgrace for you. You will no longer live the shame of your youth and your sorrows of widowhood.

For your creator will be your husband; the lord of your heaven armies is his name. He is your redeemer, the holy one of Israel, the God of all earth. For the lord has called you back from your grief, as though you were a young wife abandoned by her husband., says your God. For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with great compassion I take you back. In a burst of anger I turned my face away for a little while. But with everlasting Love I will have compassion on you, Says the Lord your Redeemer. Isaiah 54:4-8

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