Deep Thinking

Jesus went through a lot in his life, but he managed to stay pure, and he never sinned. He was full of Love, Peace and Joy, no matter what happened to him. He was beaten, abused, lied about, and abandoned, of course so much more. When I think about my life, and what I have been through, and have always been grateful for it, because I knew there was a plan behind it all.

In my thinking, I have been trying to figure out if the lord looks at our life, and what we have been through as us being hung on the cross Just like Jesus. With all of the bad things that happen in our lives. I do think they are similar to what Jesus went through. Although Jesus never sinned, he still was very humble, had a lot of humility, loving, caring, and he saved.

Jesus obeyed his Father in heaven. He knew the father had a plan for him. He did exactly what he was told to do. He trusted his father in heaven with all his heart. I know that this is what I do in my own life. I trust the heavenly father. It is a great feeling not to have to worry. Realistically, my heavenly father has given me everything I want, all the help that I need, and I have not done nothing with it.

Last night I was led to read 1Corithians. I wanted to read the whole book, so I did. They talk about the resurrection of Christ. Was it true? Jesus rose from the dead 3 days after being hung on the cross, he was seen by 500 followers, and 12 Apostals. He died on the cross has a human, rose from the dead, and came back in Spirit. He died for us, and for our sins.

I’d like to think of our sinful nature has being dead. As humans, we have free will, and a choice. No matter what walk of life we lived, or subject too. When we follow the way of the world, and live a earthly life, and caught up in Addictions, cursing, disrespect, jealousy, envy and so much more, wouldn’t we be considered dead. Dead on the inside. Sin becomes the way of  living, we worship our sins, and live them out day to day. There is no self control, no self discipline, no self Love. Just living the worldly life, and giving into worldly standards. We live for sin.

When giving up control of everything to the Heavenly father, we can become transformed.. Brought back to life, just has Jesus was brought back to life, when he was risen from the dead. If we can believe that Jesus was once human, risen from the dead in spirit and know that he saves and transforms people by believing in him, and the power of the holy spirit. Then we have no reason to keep sinning over and over again. If one keeps sinning over and over again, the Farther will have you under a curse, and you will be miserable and the most unhappiest person in the world.

This has been heavy on my mind, and have been really thinking about this. Not only did my father in heaven give me conformation on what I was thinking, but he gave me more to think about. My father in heaven will never forsake me, and will never leave me.

I thank you Father in heaven for all of the things you have entered in to my life, lord I thank you for blessing me in so many ways. I thank you for the people you have put in my life, and I just thank you for Jesus, and the power of the holy spirit. Thank you Jesus for filling my mind with more to think about other than my own earthly desires. Please forgive me of my sins Lord, and help me build my character to be more like you. Help me build the foundation of my life, based on the seed you plant in my heart. Lord I am forever Grateful for your Grace Love and Mercy.

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