The First 24 hours

Woo Woo, I made it 24 hours, sweet. To me it sounds silly that I am excited about not drinking for 24 hours. I guess maybe I was in denial, or to prideful to admit that I truly have a drinking problem. Who knows, but I am very happy, and I feel great.

I am excited about the next 24 hours, and the many more days of sobriety to come. I have a long road in front of me. Will be my daughter and I for a couple months. I have a good friend here who will help me for a couple months. Honestly I am scared a little bit, but than again I have no worries. It is weird but I know it is God.

I feel that my life is about to do a 180 or maybe a 360 in the months to come.

I am excited for the next 24 hours. I have a lot to do. I have a big change in my life coming up. Starting Tuesday

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