What drinking has done to my life, and still continue to drink. Drinking has had a horrible effect on my life, and I have hurt many people from drinking. I have made really bad choices, and still have every excuse to drink. It takes hard work, as everything in life does. Today is the day I am taking a stand and I am going to quit. I never made a anniversary, of a quit day. I have heard people get so excited when their day comes up. I never really understood why. Well now I do. It is important because it is the day you change your life. Learn how to do things without drinking. Learn how to have fun without drinking. It is an accomplishment to make a decision to better yourself and make amends with people around you. I have a huge mess to clean up in all areas of my life. I am tired of my life being the way that it is. It is my choice to live the life I live, and made my bed, now I have to clean it up.

I truly have the desire to change. I do not care anymore how hard it gets. It is my choice to have a life better than it has ever been, and to give my child a life she deserves. I love my daughter with all my heart, and it is true I am messing up her life, like my mother contributed to my life. It is not my moms or dad fault that I have the life I have. It is mine. I am going to write about consequences  of drinking when I want to drink. I know I have said all of this many many times.  But I am human.

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