Here it is 4:45pm in the afternoon and I want to drink. As I sit and argue with myself in my head. WTF. Why do I want to drink? Then the Christian song “Hold on to the promises” by Sanctus Real is playing in my head. Why? God promises us great rewards who obey him. It just really stinks that I can drink. I have to think about my the consequences will be if I drink.

1. Not being a good role model for my daughter.

2. Will get angry, crying, and fighting.

3. It causes huge problems in my relationship.

4. Killing myself.

5. Cost money that I don’t have.

6. Ruining my life.

7. Won’t be able to stop if I start.

8. So why Start.

What is the benefits of staying sober?

1. Not harming myself, or anyone else.

2. Being a good mother, and role model for my daughter.

3. I will have a lot of stuff done by the end of the day.

4. I won’t feel worthless.

5. My attitude will get better as time goes on.

6. I am saving money, getting healthier.

7. On my way to being the person I know and Love.

8. Being obedient to the Lord, so I can receive the blessings waiting for myself and daughter.

9. I will stay Sober.


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