God speaking right to me.

I have a journal that I write in just about everyday to Our Lord, Jesus and the Holy spirit,

Sometimes when I start my entry I forget to put To Jesus, and only will put The Lord, God and Holy spirit. I have been feeling guilty of not putting Jesus’s name at the beginning of my entry. Yesterday the very last song they sang before the message started was about how god is three in one. He is the Lord, Jesus and the holy spirit. He was letting me know that it is okay not to put Jesus,’s name on my entry. I know this sounds funny, but it is true. It has been heavy on my mind these last couple weeks, and God finally told me it’s ok I know what your saying. I am all three of them, so stop feeling guilty. I love God, and his so powerful ways of speaking to me and knowing my every thought.

As, the message continued it was in the book 2nd Kings 4:8-36. The story is about a messenger from God. his name is Elisha. God made him very powerful, and god would tell him what to do and he would do it. He went to a woman’s house and she fed him and his people. Elisha asked her if she needed anything for return of the hospitality they had received from her. She had always wanted a son but never had one. She had prayed for a long time, then finally gave up on her dream of having a son. She told Elisha that she did not need anything, that she was fine. God told him to tell her she will have a son. The women said no, I gave up on that, please man of God do not bring this to my life, I do not want to be disappointed if I do have a son. Soon after Elisha told her, she became pregnant and had a son. Later, as the years grew something happened to the boy, and the boy died.

She pretended she was okay to everyone, as she went looking for Elisha, the man of God to ask him why did you give me a son and now he is dead. I did not ask for this. I gave up on having a child and now my son is dead. You need to fix this. She took Elisha back to her house where he tried to bring the child back to life. Nothing was happening, the child was still dead. He was pacing back and forth telling God, I did what you told me to do. You gave her a son and then you take him away. She did not ask for a son, she gave up on that dream and had accepted that she would not have one. Now you Lord take care of this mess. He went back to the child and laid on top of him, and he sneezed 7 times and opened his eyes. He was a live.

I had a lot of thoughts when I was listening to this story. I can relate this story to recent areas in my life. I am sure many can too. When I started going after my dream of helping people it was all about using God as the foundation anyway I never thought of it being God’s plan for me.

One key point in this story was that it was not my thought, it was God’s thought put in to my mind, and for me to do. It is his plan for me.

The 2nd key point is that what has happened to me during the beginning I did not ask for. I was looking for away to make some extra money for my daughter Linda to have a great Christmas. I did not ask to have unseen people on my computer. I did not invite anyone extra in my life, and my home. There was a time during frustration with the whole thing I would say to the Lord, Why me, Why does all of this stuff happen to me. This is not what I signed up for. I wanted him to fix it.

As time went o I realized he wants to bless me.

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