Stepping Outside The Box

OMGoodness, The eyes are getting bigger, no longer slanted. Living life through binoculars, is not the way to live. When the road is that narrow, there is no future. I am not saying the doors are now wide open, I am saying that the road is getting wider, with in myself. All, of these things that has kept me stuck is now growing. I love seeing results with in myself.  Getting out in to the real world is helping me a lot.

It is getting easier to talk to people, make conversation. God is right there, he brings people to me. People make  statements me, that I question why they are saying. I have to think about it for a minute. Is it my unseen friends send ing them and or is it God. Well, I do believe it is God. It is amazing what he can do, the power he has.

I was feeling really discouraged today at work, lets say I was being a negative person. Normally at work I am very upbeat, and positive. I enjoy going to work because believe it or not it makes me happy. The environment makes me happy. Today I was not that person. I was thinking about quitting, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then all of a sudden people were coming in and I was making conversation with them about energy drinks and it all pertained to my new business. My mood changed and everything went back to normal. My day over all was really good, and I am glad n I did not quit.

I love my God, he is so good me,


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