Deep Thinking

I have been thinking a lot lately about this book I read when I was in 7th Grade. This book was written by a anonymous writer. The book was about a young girl that had a horrible family life, and was an addict. It was all of her daily journal entry’s for years. The book was black, and paperback. I could not stop reading the book. I was part of the D.A.R.E to keep kids off drugs. I loves it. I did it for the next few years. I even received a certificate for completing  the program, and still have the certificate to this day.

Year later when I became a full blown addict, I kept daily entries about my life and how I was feeling and how I looked. I kept  these journals forever, then I lost them. I do not know why this has been heavy on my heart. It has.  I don’t remember how the book ended. I feel like there is something about that book that has to pertain to my life in some way. I know that God will reveal in time.

I am getting ready to go to work for 12 hours making $8.23 cents an hour and so grateful for it. I love my life, and know my plans are far greater, and my Y is getting stronger and stronger everyday.

Hope you all have a great day,


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