When I write in my journal I write to Jesus, od, and the Holy Spirit. I write everyday, sometimes twice a day if not more depending on the events during the day.

When I know I have done something wrong, I first write about it. When I write about it, I feel like I should not ask anything from God because I have done wrong, and ask for forgiveness then feel as though I cannot ask him for anything else. I feel that I don’t deserve to ask for anything.

As, I am reading this angel book, it explains in there that when we sin, it is forgiven and forgotten about. I knew that, I guess my feelings are that I do not deserve God’s grace because he makes himself so known to me. This is not true. He forgets, and the words in this book reassured me of this. It does not mean I can keep sinning and then I will be forgiven. That would be taking advantage of his grace. I do know now from the words, and being reassured.

As the book is written it is the angels who take care of people, and they are everywhere all the time. Rather people realize it or not,  there are invisible angels and there are human angels too.  I have been in front of many angels, and did not even realize it till I understood what real angels are. While I have come to realize reading this book is that when we trust in the Lord, everyone becomes the chosen one. There is not to many people who truly have no worries because they trust in the Lord. Each book in the bible talks about trials and tribulations of the people of God. Some god gave everything to, and they blew it. Some lived by God’s word, and worshiped him day in and day out and they were truly blessed.  There were some people in the bible who challenged God as he challenged them, they had powers and challenged God for his powers.

Amazing isn’t it? I have never read the bible fully. I know I will, and what I do know about the bible I cherish and greatly respect it. I have read s little out of each book. I read where God wants me to go.

Thank you Jesus for all you do, and for guiding and directing my words on this blog.


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