Today was another great day

I had another great day today. I am feeling great and grounded to the universe. It was a wonderful day at work. I worked hard today at my normal job, Which I always do. Today was a little different as far as working a normal job. I love working there as I have said before because it makes me feel good. To be able to associate with positive and negative people. When I come across negative people, I have been trying to make their day better by being super nice even though they are super rude. All of the comments people make are silly, and sometimes insulting, but over all it is okay. I have been smiling and killing them with kindness. If at the time it did not seem to make a difference I know it  for sure I have planted a seed. That in itself  makes me  feel good.

It is so easy to let just one comment, one remark, or even one angry person ruin your whole day. When the process starts of changing the way I think and seeing the difference I feel in my heart is more than I could ever ask for. I am so grateful for it. No words can express the gratitude I have for Jesus, Lord and the Holy spirit for bringing them to me, There is a reason for everything.

I am reading a book called Angels On Assignment, written by Charles and Francis Hunter as told  by Ronald Buck. The book was written in 1971, and some of the testimonies from 1954 and 1958. The book is drawn to me for two reasons, one being the angel side of it since I have experienced true angels in my presence and them touching me, and because of the years it was written and the testimonies.  I love it. It touches my heart and I can relate to all that is said so far. I also found an angel book in the bathroom were I work on the toilet paper holder. It is call Who are the angels, this book written in 1994. I have blogged about this book before. I will keep everyone posted as I keep reading.

I love my Lord, my God, My Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who continuously are with me and working within me. Amazing.

I pray that everyone have a blessed night and that the angels ill be in your presence and that they become so real and in front, that everyone has the willingness to be grateful and only think positive and be grateful for everything in their lives no matter what it may be. I pray peace wealth and prosperity over  myself and my family, and the whole world.

Let the light of the Lord shine through my eyes and my words as I speak and write to the world. God Bless. Thank you for another amazing day.

In your Most high and Holy name Jesus, Amen


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