Today was an awesome day

I had a great day today. I love working around the public. For some reason It makes me feel good. I laugh a lot when I am at work. I know that this is not my “life long career”, nor do I really want it to be.  Getting out of the house and connecting with the public is what I really wanted to do. I always think I am a shy person, and cannot communicate with people, but that is not true. Then the way the lord helps them through me and vice versa. It is so real. Sometimes when reading the paper, I see little captions of quotes. They speak right to me. The one that really caught my eye today was no one is going to come save you, no one can help you get what you want and/or accomplish your dreams. You have to do it.

This statement to me is an answer to a prayer I wrote about in my journal just last night. I always pray that I want to be saved this time. I guess that is sitting on the pity potty, in some ways to me it is not. Why? Because I have always had to do things the rough way, not the wrong why, the rough way. I seem to always do things the hard way. I know that it is God.

I greatly appreciate all things that come to me, good and or bad. It doesn’t matter I thank the Lord. I just wish that at some point the universe will turn things around in my favor. This all depends on me. I feel good. That’s all that matters. I know the lord has me on his side. I have him on my side.

I look forward to building my business and not having to work at the gas station. My time is coming and I am thankful.

Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Al Mighty. Melissa

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