A Sense Of Belonging

Have you ever wondered if you belong where you are today?  I myself have wondered this for a long time. A year, 1 month and 10 days to be exact. Questioning myself and situations in my life is not what your suppose to do. Having the Lord tell you what to do is what is supposed to happen. I love reading my bible every morning and through out the day.

I was told at work the other day I could not read the bible. For some reason I still do. I have gotten a lot of feed back from customers as well. They ask me what I do in my spear time. I don’t know how to answer. I started this job because I know it. Not only that it was calling me. I enjoy it. It is something I know and is something I am good at.

I love hearing from customers God uses me to provide. It is awesome, and yet so true. Hearing those words is very awesome. Makes me happy and builds my faith even more. This is all goes a long with my purpose here on this planet, and that is for God to use me to help people through Jesus Christ, as he shines through my eyes. I thank everyone for all of the prayers. The Lord, Jesus, and the holy spirit is helping me tremendously. Not to mention the unseen, putting the unseen into my life.  I am forever grateful.

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