The Little Hints the Angels leave.

As I believe I have talked about my confirmed relationship with Jesus and The Lord Almighty. To those who don’t know, I worked the 12 step program, while working the steps I had an amazing very real experience with God and his Angels. I felt them put a bubble of protection over me so tightly,, on 8/23/2013. I will never forget the feeling of calmness, couldn’t stop smiling. I remember the feeling of being lighter. I prayed for an spiritual awakening and I sure got one.

The Friday we went to a house in Craig. After, experience what I had I did not want to o anything bad. The whole weekend I did not drink, or smoked, or anything else for that matter. During this time, Linda and I were really close, after that experience it was like I could see Jesus in Linda. I was thinking of something that weekend one after noon, I was looking down to the floor. Linda came walking over to me and whispered to me mom put your head.

I looked at her right in her eyes surprised she said that, but knew exactly who it was. I put a big smile on my face and we went about the day. That weekend was full of endless thoughts of talking and listening to Jesus.

God truly made everything that can breathe. We had a bunch of cows on our property and when they get to the bottom of the property there is no way off the property. We sent the dogs to herd them back towards the gate. We got all of them outside the gate and one of the dogs was still chasen him. I was shouting at the dog to get them; get them.  One of the big male cows looked me right in the eye and went after my dog. I know this story sounds silly, but it is so true and amazing.

My daughter and I played for the first time in a long time. Sadly tosay

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