Scolded by God

The Lord says you must never pay evil for evil, you must let the Lord take care of them for their evil deeds, as well has he will judge you for your evil deeds as deeds. We are to be love one another, and have patients for the difficult ones. My relationship with the  Lord, and Jesus Christ is so real and so true.

It is almost as if they walk the walk with me everyday. They stand beside me even when I do not want them to. When I do wrong, and am fully aware, I open my bible and it speaks to me like no other. The Word is so honest and straight to the point. A big slap in the face a lot of the time. You would think that I would change my ways. I do try, but let things drag me down and seem as if I have no self control, and or self discipline. I have no one to blame but myself.

Please God help me build my character of you and whom you are, let it shine through my eyes. Allow me to only think of you and only you.I don’t even feel as if I can ask for anything Lord, because of who I have been and what you have provided me that I have completely ignored. You are a forgiving God, patient and kind.

Life is full of opportunities, and well……

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