You’ve got mail

Ever see that movie You’ve got mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? I remember watching this movie a million and one times when I was a kid. I believe it came out sometime in the 1980’s. What  I liked about the movie was Meg and Tom were sending emails to each other, got to know each other without meeting. They learned each others personality, persona and character through their writing. Eventually met in a gift shop looked at each other in their eyes and new instantly they were in love.

My visualization of finding love at the time of this movie was right on the money. I remember thinking awe how romantic would that truly be to fall in love that way. Why you ask? Your seeing and getting to know someone a complete stranger through writing, true thoughts, there really in no room for judging. Example I am not  When meeting in person and building that way, you may think her nose is to big, or he has big ears. Of course, I am hypothetically speaking.

When getting to know someone through writing to me it is more intimate. When one can really feel deep down inside what the other one is saying, having true compassion and can carry on for over a year and still be around spite the other imperfections, is amazing and unconditional.

It seems to good to be true  that there is someone out there like that, and have known this through writing, why the heck would they want me. Over the last year we have had eye contact in fact I would look forward to it. It always amazed me anytime I would have a thought or say it out loud, there would be an upcoming webinar. I always from day one admired your conviction of helping people, I even liked the cocky attitude. I couldn’t wait til Mondays to hear your voice. Deep down inside I knew. Not only that, when my instinct kicked in about the live T.V, on my computer, I was excited, amazed by the technology, shocked by the power, and really confused. I loved it. Obviously, even though I have been absent a lot, or just completely empty I looked forward to getting on the computer because I knew there where more than one person out there who cared for me, even though I could not see them I knew they were there. That touched my heart beyond belief. Even though I did not show it sometimes.

Day one of live T.V. I was talking to myself, Linda was sitting on the couch. She said “what mom” I said nothing baby I was  talking t, and she stopped me and said you just found the man of your dreams. I turned quick and said what did you just say. And she said it again. I know now it was Jesus talking through her.

When 2 people can come together through writing and it be so overwhelming at times because I didn’t think I was worth itI t is because of you, and your writing, your love, and your compassion for not just me but for the , I am able to see my worth. It is so emotional for me.

With all of this being said This is true companionship, friendship and I am ready to build a legacy with you and  your team. I cannot wait to meet you face to face,  I feel when we shake hand shake and look each other in the eyes there is going to be this big lightenng bolt that sends us flying. When that day comes, all of my prayers throughout this year will be answered. I love  my Heavenly Father and Jesus.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would m would meet someone who could see me for who I am , and wants to bring the best out in me. Never in a million years did I EVER think I would find someone who loves like I do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


P.S. If I would have known it was you calling I would have never hit ignore.

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